CHS 222

Central High School, Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to the 222's web site

This is the web site for the 222nd class of Central High School in Phildadelphia, PA. In it you will find pictures from the 45th reunion as well as memorabilia from long ago.  In the near future, we will add a list of class mates who gave permission to share their contact data.

Pictures may be viewed without Login to the site.  Login is required to access the contact data for our classmates.

What's New

Special thanks to Michael Feldman, Bruce Miller, Lew Pepper, Mike Radel and Jim Talens for supplying the pictures of our 45th reunion, and to Howie Bronstein for the great 222 memorabilia.  Howie saves everything!

Our 45th Reunion

The 222 Reunion Committee thanks everyone who attended the events of our 45th reunion weekend. Judging from the emails received thus far, the weekend was a complete success.

The Friday afternoon tour of Central was attended by 55 and everyone really enjoyed seeing the improvements made to the school over the years.

The Friday evening "cookout" at Steve and Nancy Talis’ house was a casual and intimate beginning to the festivities and was a success despite the inclement weather outside. Close to 70 people ate, drank and enjoyed renewing old acquaintances and making new ones.

Saturday evening at the Reading Terminal Market (RTM) was the "main event." About 125 people were in attendance at the RTM where the ambiance was sensational, the food was plentiful, the jazz trio played all night long and even knew some sixties music, and the conversations lingered until past closing. Each attendee wore a name tag that featured their graduation picture. Everyone was a little older and a little grayer but most faces could be recognized from our badges despite the years. There was a slide show with pictures from the yearbook and a memorabilia table that included our 222 buttons, the yearbook, Centralizers, a troll sweatshirt and even a troll doll. It was great to see everyone and to have the opportunity to rekindle friendships that were made so many years ago. On a sad note, the names of 30 deceased classmates were read and a moment of silence was taken by all to remember them. A toast was made to our classmates who served in the military helping to defend our great nation. Bassett’s Ice Cream and the Termini canolis were as good as we remember them.

The Sunday morning brunch was the final event and served as the “icing on the cake.” More than 50 ate a delicious breakfast in a beautiful courtyard at the Reynolds – Morris House on South Eighth Street, enjoyed a quiet opportunity to reminisce, discuss our families, chat about the issues of today, and just catch up on events of the past 45 years. It was a wonderful ending to a beautiful weekend.